• Coming Soon Fall 2012 An exciting new approach to a cappella recording.

Liquid 5th Productions is proud to announce the opening of our new facility.

The a cappella community has grown and developed in so many exciting ways during the past few years and we, at Liquid 5th, are constantly looking for new ways to improve our craft for our clients.  There have always been great options for mobile recording and home studios that a cappella groups have utilized to create their music.  We wanted to give groups more... a better place to record, a more authentic recording experience, more flexibility in their budget, and higher quality music mixed in properly designed acoustic space.

We are very excited to announce The A Cappella Studio, our brand new commercial facility, bringing a new and innovative approach to a cappella recording.  Situated in the heart of Durham, NC we have constructed a brand new state of the art facility that will provide every a Cappella group with unprecedented quality and flexibility.  Just imagine....


  • 2000 square feet of space to suit all of your needs.
  • Flexible recording options allowing you to record as many as 8 singers in simultaneous isolation.
  • The ability to modify your recording approach to fit your budget without sacrificing quality.
  • Mixing on a state of the art Pro Tools HD 5 system with more plugins and processing power than you'll ever need.

.... and that's just the beginning.


We are still in the process of putting the finishing touches on the studio and as we complete construction we'll be posting full specs, a full photo tour, and more information about how you can take advantage recording in a true a Cappella studio, so keep your eyes open for more announcements.

Thanks for checking us out and hope to see you at the grand opening party.


The Liquid 5th Team





Mark your calendars...


Who: Anyone who loves a cappella and wants to be there.

What: A huge party to show off the studio and kick off the 2012 a Cappella year.  Free food, free drinks, and special performances.

When: Saturday, Sept 29

Liquid 5th is throwing a party to celebrate the grand opening of our new recording facility in Durham, NC.  Liquid 5th has been providing the very highest in a cappella music production since 2005.  Opening this new studio represents a new and exciting opportunity for us and for any a cappella group looking to create outstanding music.

We hope that this will become an annual a cappella kick off event to provide an opportunity for a cappella musicians in the area to get together, have a good time, and network with one another.  We'll be providing food and drinks, compliments of Old Havanah, our Cuban restaurant neighbor. We'll have music playing and space set up for dancing, talking, or just hanging out.  We'll be giving away free stuff like recording and live sound discounts, free studio time, and recording/editing/mixing for a free single.  Everyone who attends will get one entry into the drawings so the more people you bring from your group the more likely you are to win.

Of course we also want to show off The A Cappella Studio.  We'll have the whole space open for you to see, the lounge, live room, mobile booths and, of course, the control room.

We'd love to meet you and answer any questions you make have about Liquid 5th, our services or The A Cappella Studio.  Some come on out for some great food, drinks and we'll see you there.